Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A haiku I wrote last summer. There are millions of different variations on the correct structure of the haiku depending on who you ask. This one follows the five / seven / five syllables format and in keeping with the Japanese tradition has a season as its subject matter.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


This was one third of a piece of coursework I did for the Digital Creativity course in the third year of my degree. We were given a choice of several themes, and were tasked with creating three "multimedia products" based on that theme.

I chose "the environment", and created this page from a non-existent comic book. There was also a digital collage and this 3D animation.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Ordered Images: Sketchbook Digger

I'm an animator and video editor from London. Today I decided to start scanning in bits and pieces from my sketchbook, scouring my hard drive for old projects and begin posting them online in a blog. This is the result.
I'll start with a few drawings I did this summer. My cousin Joe had a set of Sharpie markers in his flat while I was staying with him in Canada, so I made use of them and a new sketchbook I'd bought there. This continued when I got home.

Joe, Montreal


Keith Flint

Roses for H.A.S.